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Award Winning Children's Picture Book on Empathy, Collaboration and Independent Thinking

Meet Mimi, a sweet and gentle child immersed in the world of art. Curious visitors eye her vibrant crayons. Watch as Mimi strategically saves her favorite pink crayon till the end to complete her artwork. As her crayons vanish one by one, what will Mimi do when she is left with only her pink crayon?

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Nair's storytelling is both engaging and thought-provoking, ...., it subtly nudges readers to engage in creative problem-solving, ...

Reading in Indoor Tent

It teaches the child to have empathy, share and solve a problem in a smart manner…


My 4 yo and I loved reading this book. I was almost as excited (if not more) to find out what Mimi would do when it comes to her 'precious'. And we both broke into a big smile when we finally found out…

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The Pink Crayon is a sweet, simple story with numerous valuable lessons to be imparted to its readers.

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